How do I get the Udyam registration number (URN)?

How do I get the Udyam registration number (URN)?

On 26 June 2020, the government gave notice that the latest MSME registration procedure, generally known as the "Udyam Registration," will be started on 1 July 2020. The MSME / SME / Udyog Aadhaar Registration was formerly called.

After the successful MSME registration, applicants are presented with the Udyam Registration Certificate with a Special Identification Number known as the Udyam Registration Number (URN). Udyam Registration Certificate is given to them. Prior to this, it was called Udyog's Adhaar (UAN) number.

What is the meaning of Udyam Registration Number (URN)?

Every udyam registration is provided with a unique identifying number that is included in the Udyam Registration Number (URN).

Udyam Registration Number is a unique 16-digit Udyam Certificate holder registration number. The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME Act), 2006 (MSME Act 2006), released as confirmation of the certification and registered under the MSME Act.

Eligibility Criteria for Udyam Registration Number:

To be eligible for the Udyam Registration number, a business has to fulfill certain criteria set by the Government of India. These criteria are based on factors such as business size, sector, and investment.

Investment in Plant and Machinery/Equipment: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are defined in terms of investment in plant and machinery/equipment.

Turnover: The turnover of the business is another important factor that is taken into account while determining the eligibility for Udyam Registration. The turnover limits for different categories of enterprises are defined below:

  • Micro Enterprises: Up to INR 5 Crore
  • Small Enterprises: Above INR 5 Crore and up to INR 75 Crore
  • Medium Enterprises: Above INR 75 Crore and up to INR 250 Crore

Sectors: Industry registration is open to all sectors of the economy except agriculture and animal husbandry, mining, and the manufacture of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Once a business meets these criteria, it can be classified as a micro, small or medium enterprise and apply for Udyam Registration.

Different categories of businesses (Micro, Small, Medium, etc.)

Micro Enterprises: A micro enterprise is a business with an investment of up to Rs 1 crore and a turnover of up to Rs 5 crore. These businesses are considered the smallest and usually have the fewest employees.

Small Enterprises: A small enterprise is a business with an investment of more than Rs 1 crore and up to Rs 10 crore and a turnover of more than Rs 5 crore and up to Rs 75 crore. These businesses are larger than micro enterprises and usually have more employees.

Medium Enterprises: A medium enterprise is a business with an investment of more than Rs 10 crore and up to Rs 50 crore and a turnover of more than Rs 75 crore and up to Rs 250 crore. These businesses are larger than small enterprises and typically have more employees and a larger impact on the economy.

Format of Udyam Registration Number

URN Example - UDYAM-JH-00-0123456

In detail, let's understand the Udyam Registration Number Format:

  • In each UDYAM registration number, i.e. UDYAM, the first five digits are normal.
  • The sixth and seventh digits are the code of the particular state in which the register was made.
  • For each URN, the eight-and-ninth digit is zero.
  • The last seven digits are an identification number that is unique.

The process to Get a Udyam Registration Number (URN)

STEP 1: Visit our Udyam Registration Portal.

STEP 2: Fill in the udyam application form correctly and upload all required documents.

STEP 3: Make your application online payment.

STEP 4: After the verification by one of our Registration Directors, your udyam application will be forwarded to you.

STEP 5: Within 1-2 hrs you will get the Udyam Registration Certificate in your registered email address.

Documents Required for URN

A Udyam Registration Number is only required for an Aadhaar Card. However, you will need a permanent identification number (PAN) card and the goods and services tax number (GSTIN) with your aadhar cards if you want a registration number for a business MSME / Udyam.

After getting the Udyam Registration Number:

Udyam Registration Number, also known as Udyam Registration Certificate, is an official document that certifies a business as a Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprise (MSME) in India. Getting an Udyam Registration Number can be beneficial for businesses in a number of ways.

Government schemes and benefits: MSMEs are eligible for several government schemes and benefits, such as concessional credit terms, subsidies, and tax incentives, by showing their enterprise registration certificate. These schemes are designed to help MSMEs access the funding, technology, and other resources they need to grow and compete in the market.

Government tenders: Many government tenders are specifically reserved for MSMEs, and an enterprise registration number is often a prerequisite for participating in these tenders. This can be a great way for MSMEs to expand their business and access new market opportunities.

Branding: Udyam Registration Number can also be used as a branding tool, as it demonstrates to customers, partners, and investors that a business has been officially recognized by the government as a valid MSME.

Ongoing obligations or requirements for businesses with a Udyam Registration Number:

Renewal: Udyam Registration Certificate is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue and thereafter it needs to be renewed.

Update Information: Businesses are required to update their information on Udyam Portal if there is any change in their business statuses such as investment, turnover, and contact information.

Compliance: Businesses with an enterprise registration number are also expected to comply with any other legal and regulatory requirements that apply to their industry, such as those relating to tax, labor, and the environment.

By following these guidelines and keeping their Enterprise Registration Certificate up to date, businesses can ensure that they continue to enjoy the benefits and opportunities that come with being an officially recognized MSME in India.


Getting an Udyam Registration Number is an important step for businesses in India to take advantage of various government schemes and benefits available to MSMEs. It also opens up new opportunities such as participating in government tenders and better access to funds. By meeting the eligibility criteria and following the steps to apply for registration, businesses can ensure that they are officially recognized as MSMEs and enjoy the rewards that come with it.

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