Verify Udyam Registration Certificate Online

If you are looking for an online solution to verify the Udyam Registration certificate Online then you are at the right place. You will get the complete step-by-step guide for udyam certification verification in this blog article.

By verification of your Udyan Registration, you can check your certificate status. There is no such option given for verification but it can be simply checked by the print option available in the udyam registration portal.

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Checklist for Udyam Registration Verification

There are some requirements that you will need while doing verification of your udyam certificate online.

  • First is your Udyam Registration Number (URN).
  • Secondly, you will be required to have a mobile number (which you provided at the time of registration) for OTP verification.

How to do Udyam Registration Certificate verification?

Below we mentioned the simple procedure which will guide you to verify your Udyam Registration Certificate Online:

Step 1: Go to the Udyam portal.

Step 2: Click on "Print Certificate" which you can see in the navigation menu on the top left side.

Step 3: You will be asked to enter your 14-digit Udyam Registration Number and press the "Validate and Generate" button.

Step 4: One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 5: After filling the OTP and press the "Validate OTP & Print" option.

Step 6: After that, you will be automatically redirected to the print page where you can check whether your udyam registration certificate is generated or not.

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